Monday, June 8, 2009

Andy White Can Kick McDreamy's Ass

STFU cubbiejulie! If anyone listens to the LOHO podcast, you have noticed that julie has started a new segment in which she rips on the Andres Blanco. Way to pick out the one guy that can play his position in the infield on the team to beat up on.

Yes, we get it, you are in love with Mark DeRosa. If McDreamy was still on the team, the Cubs would be 53-1 (no one's perfect, not even Andy White). Obviously it was his clubhouse presence which led the team to the NL's best record last season and he is the ONLY reason why the Cubs aren't that good this year. OMG, he can play like every position, and his ass is so fucking spectacular!

GFY cubbiejulie! And sorry John and Steve (the writers for WAIW and guests on the LOHO podcast this week), but you can kiss my arse for agreeing with her (although one of you did point out that he has been the only reliable glove on the team, the sound quality on that shit sucks so I couldn't tell which one). But really? Blanco is just a slightly different version of Miles? Come-on! I haven't seen Blanco hugging opposing players, or striking out in big situations.

I will be the first to admit that Blanco isn't the Cubs answer for offense. And with a team that is in such a need for runs, from anyone, you need to play players that are hitting. It only makes sense. But this team is also losing almost every game in which they commit an error. Blanco has yet to commit an error and has a 97% FPCT throughout his career, and is spectacular defensively, going deep into the hole on more than one occasion to rob hitters of a base hit.

Plus, Miles is a veteran player who is on the last leg of his career, if he even had one. Sure last year he put up some decent numbers, but this year he is horrible. On the flip side, Blanco has never seen more the 90 AB in the bigs, and that was all the way back in '06. He has needed sometime to adjust to big league pitching, and his numbers have only improved since being called up.

Unfortunately, cubbiejulie will probably get her way and Blanco will be sent back down once Miles is able to return to the Cubs after his DL stint. But don't go crying in your underwire when Miles returns to his suckitude and your'e looking again for a decent 2nd baseman.

Notes: I still read and enjoy both LOHO and WAIW and I do realize that Miles is an above average 2nd baseman throughout his career. Even though cubbiejulie, John and Steve have valid points, Andy White still never played for the hated Red Birds, so I'm right, and they're wrong. Oh, and the Chicago Now Network SUCKS!