Friday, August 7, 2009

Andy is on the DL

This is old news, but Andres Blanco headed to the DL with a fake injury earlier this week on Tuesday, allowing Ojo the Unlucky to come off the DL. The Cubs immediately regretted this decision as they were shutout by the Commies in the final game of the series. Coincidence? Hardly.

The internets have been a buzz about Andy lately, and it seems people are coming around. Over at the View from the Bleachers, lizzie posed the stupidest question ever: Blanco or Miles? Amazingly, the responses were intellengent with an overwhelming answer of Blanco, sans Brian.

You see, Brian is an aspiring journalist, who just like most college kids these days, doesn't actually do any work in college. In my day we had to do this thing called research. We even had to go to a place called a library. It had these things called books and journals (or magazines). Nowadays all the kids do is wikipedia something, copy, paste and turn in. But that's neither here nor there. Brian is a douchebag and I will rip him to shreds over at TMS and then promptly be fired.

Don't worry though, Andy will be back in 15 days when Aaron Miles mysteriously heads back to the DL with his sandy vagina, or hopefully is released back to the Lollipop Kingdom. Until then, the Andy White Fan Club will be standing by patiently.

Go Andy!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Andy Hits His First Dinger

Last year when I texted my friend that Koyie Hill had gone 4-5 on the day, he responded with, "Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while." It was that type of day, as nothing could go wrong for the Cubs. No, not even Aaron Miles is coming back anytime soon. And even with White Slice going down with a broken foot, the day was perfect for Andy White to add his first trophy to the trophy case, to which Ronny responded, "I really like this kid."

Congrats Andy White!

Friday, July 3, 2009

I Figured Out How the Cubs Can Win

Just put in Andy White!

The Cubs are 16-9 when Blanco plays. I'm not saying, I'm just saying.

Lot's of moves recently, although nothing as fancy as Mr. Fancy pants DeRosa going to the Cardinals. Let's see how Baker works out. Ojo is still on the DL. Farney is gone. How is it we have no problem getting rid of our suck-asses except for Rule 5? With Ramirez, Guzman and White Slice coming back on Monday, it means more moves. I see Fuld and Fox going down, along with Notre Dame. I could be wrong though, I always am.

Andy White June totals:
66 AB/17 Hits/3 Doubles/7 RBIs/.310OBP/.303SLG/.258AVG

Not too bad. But as we all know Andy is known for his fielding, which included a Top 10 play on Sportscenter just this past week.

Go Andy!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Andy White Strikes Out

Unfortunately, this picture was hardly from the game last night.

Andy went 2-4 last night, raising his average to .245 and .273 for the month of June. Unfortunately, one of those outs came in a critical situation with the bases loaded in the sixth. Hey, Andy can't do it all. He did try to make up for it by leading off the ninth with a single, giving the Cubs the tying run at the plate with no outs. But the Cubs couldn't capitalize, something they managed to fail to do the entire game as they were unable to score any runs on 10 hits and 12 baserunners.

On the bright side of Cubdom, Ramirez will start live batting practice. Don't worry AndyHeads, Blanco won't be sent down with the return of E-Ramis. Uncle Lou from the Tribune:

"Once we get Ramirez back, it will be much easier to rest the infield," Piniella said. "We have a little more depth in the outfield than we do in the infield.

"Once we get Ramirez back, it's easy for me to put [Andres] Blanco at shortstop and move Fontenot to second."

It's hard to believe The Riot will be benched in place of Andy, but at least it looks like he will be the backup infielder over Ojo the Unlucky.

Go Andy!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Andy White Knight of Wrigleyville

Andy "raises the roof" at Wrigley

Four more hits and three more ribbies for Andy this weekend, plus some more spectacular defense. It looks like the Cublogoverse is warming up to Andres as well. Jen over at CUBblogging named Andy White the Cub White Knight of Wrigleyville on Saturday and why not? Blanco came through in the clutch, hitting the game tying single in 13th against Woody. Ojo the Unlucky was then very un-AaronMiles-like and moved Andy over to third on a single. With a wild pitch to Jake Fox, Andy came home to complete the walk off.

I had to "watch" the end of the game on my phone because I was at a Beer Festival in Flagstaff. Let me say, I haven't seen anything as beautiful on my cell phone since I found out I can look at porn on my web browser. Thank you 3G network!

Will everyone that thinks cubbiejulie should eat crow, please raise their hands?

But I digress. From

Blanco, a utility infielder who started the season in the Minors, did not have a hit until the 13th. He knows his role.

"I try to do anything I can do," Blanco said. "I'm not a home run hitter, I'm not going to drive in too many runs. I'm just trying to put the ball in play and run hard to first base. That's my job, and I have to keep it going."

Third-base coach Mike Quade had Blanco ready for anything.

"Quade told me, 'You have to score no matter what -- high chopper, wild pitch, anything. Let's finish the game,'" Blanco said. "I was ready, 100 percent. Right after we talked, [Wood] threw a wild pitch."

And that's what Andy does, to quote Angry Mike from College of Idiots: Get's It Fucking Done.

Look for more of Andy this week. Go Andy!