Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Andy White Strikes Out

Unfortunately, this picture was hardly from the game last night.

Andy went 2-4 last night, raising his average to .245 and .273 for the month of June. Unfortunately, one of those outs came in a critical situation with the bases loaded in the sixth. Hey, Andy can't do it all. He did try to make up for it by leading off the ninth with a single, giving the Cubs the tying run at the plate with no outs. But the Cubs couldn't capitalize, something they managed to fail to do the entire game as they were unable to score any runs on 10 hits and 12 baserunners.

On the bright side of Cubdom, Ramirez will start live batting practice. Don't worry AndyHeads, Blanco won't be sent down with the return of E-Ramis. Uncle Lou from the Tribune:

"Once we get Ramirez back, it will be much easier to rest the infield," Piniella said. "We have a little more depth in the outfield than we do in the infield.

"Once we get Ramirez back, it's easy for me to put [Andres] Blanco at shortstop and move Fontenot to second."

It's hard to believe The Riot will be benched in place of Andy, but at least it looks like he will be the backup infielder over Ojo the Unlucky.

Go Andy!