Monday, June 22, 2009

Andy White Knight of Wrigleyville

Andy "raises the roof" at Wrigley

Four more hits and three more ribbies for Andy this weekend, plus some more spectacular defense. It looks like the Cublogoverse is warming up to Andres as well. Jen over at CUBblogging named Andy White the Cub White Knight of Wrigleyville on Saturday and why not? Blanco came through in the clutch, hitting the game tying single in 13th against Woody. Ojo the Unlucky was then very un-AaronMiles-like and moved Andy over to third on a single. With a wild pitch to Jake Fox, Andy came home to complete the walk off.

I had to "watch" the end of the game on my phone because I was at a Beer Festival in Flagstaff. Let me say, I haven't seen anything as beautiful on my cell phone since I found out I can look at porn on my web browser. Thank you 3G network!

Will everyone that thinks cubbiejulie should eat crow, please raise their hands?

But I digress. From

Blanco, a utility infielder who started the season in the Minors, did not have a hit until the 13th. He knows his role.

"I try to do anything I can do," Blanco said. "I'm not a home run hitter, I'm not going to drive in too many runs. I'm just trying to put the ball in play and run hard to first base. That's my job, and I have to keep it going."

Third-base coach Mike Quade had Blanco ready for anything.

"Quade told me, 'You have to score no matter what -- high chopper, wild pitch, anything. Let's finish the game,'" Blanco said. "I was ready, 100 percent. Right after we talked, [Wood] threw a wild pitch."

And that's what Andy does, to quote Angry Mike from College of Idiots: Get's It Fucking Done.

Look for more of Andy this week. Go Andy!