Friday, June 19, 2009

Andy White: The Unsung Hero

What a game! While I had to listen to the game at work, I was able to catch the video of the back-to-back jacks and Soriano's walk-off hit on Mike and Mike Eric The Silliest this morning. The best part about it, they played the radio call from WGN instead of the tv feed. You know, the one where Ronny goes crazy, like always. The Silliest claimed he would only get that excited if he was rolling around naked in a pile of money. Welcome to my world! I mean the rolling around naked, not the money.

I haven't been able to post much about Andy White this week. With the return of Ojo the Unlucky from the DL, Uncle Lou has been questionably putting him in the lineup. I'm sure it's just a case of the lefty-righty matchup. Hey Lou, Andres IS a switch hitter. Unfortunately, Andy hasn't taken advantage of his few chances, as he has gone 0-8 since I called out cubbiejulie last week. Personally, I think she put a curse on him, as she hates anyone that isn't McDreamy or Harden's Ass. Now she can finally brag about Blanco being below the Mendoza Line and take another 15 minutes of her podcast ripping on players on the team she roots for. Thursday continued the struggles for Andy White, as he went 0-3 at the plate.

But it was his ability to play fundamental baseball which silently helped the Cubs win the game against the hated Meth Heads. In the bottom of the ninth, Reed Johnson, batting for Kosuke led off the inning with a single. Andy White was up next and was asked to lay down the sac bunt to move Reed over to second, which he did perfectly. Fundamentals haven't been the Cubs strong suit this year, and I don't think I have enough digits to count the number of failed sacrifices this year.

After Ojo wasted an at-bat, Soriano came through and hit the game winning bloop single. Cubs win! Go Cubs Go! Spilled beer everywhere! JDot breaks his streak of 13 losing games in person!

Congrats Andy White, without you, the Cubs couldn't have done it.

Go Andy!


Jen said...

I am loving me some Andy White.