Friday, August 7, 2009

Andy is on the DL

This is old news, but Andres Blanco headed to the DL with a fake injury earlier this week on Tuesday, allowing Ojo the Unlucky to come off the DL. The Cubs immediately regretted this decision as they were shutout by the Commies in the final game of the series. Coincidence? Hardly.

The internets have been a buzz about Andy lately, and it seems people are coming around. Over at the View from the Bleachers, lizzie posed the stupidest question ever: Blanco or Miles? Amazingly, the responses were intellengent with an overwhelming answer of Blanco, sans Brian.

You see, Brian is an aspiring journalist, who just like most college kids these days, doesn't actually do any work in college. In my day we had to do this thing called research. We even had to go to a place called a library. It had these things called books and journals (or magazines). Nowadays all the kids do is wikipedia something, copy, paste and turn in. But that's neither here nor there. Brian is a douchebag and I will rip him to shreds over at TMS and then promptly be fired.

Don't worry though, Andy will be back in 15 days when Aaron Miles mysteriously heads back to the DL with his sandy vagina, or hopefully is released back to the Lollipop Kingdom. Until then, the Andy White Fan Club will be standing by patiently.

Go Andy!