Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Hits Keep Coming Like it Was Mike Brown House Party!

Andy White got his 3rd hit last night late in the game, although was stranded because the bullpen BLOWS! That's right, because of the game on Tuesday, and TRL was pitching like his usual awesome self, Lou decided to put him up to bat in the 7th inning following Andy's 2nd double for the year.

The Cubs could have used the insurance run too, as the game went into extra's for the second night in a row. Luckily the bullpen was a little more stable this time around and was able to hold onto the tie until HoffPOWER hit in the go ahead run in the 11th.

Andy was pitch-hit for in the ninth by Soto, who took a walk and later flied out after Micah's go ahead hit.

Santo really loves the kid, and I got a couple "quotes" from listening to the game. Ronny thinks Blanco "can really play" and has the right "attitude" and "fits in well" with the club. While we all know that Andy isn't tearing it up on the basepaths, he at least is making up for it in the field. A definite improvement over Miles (who is back hitting in AZ), Freel, Fontenot, Scales, or even Soriano in defense, Lou is keeping him in the lineup regularly.

Plus the kid hits from both sides, and actually hits lefty's hitting lefty better than righty.

Let's see if we can get this game in today, and maybe Andy can pick up his first Cubs Dinger!

Go Andy!